Sharkoon launches UV StrobeFan

Chicago (IL) - If you have set eyes on the recently announced LED memory modules from Crucial or Corsair, you might as well add a lighted fan to your system. Sharkoon announced a UV fluorescent device that does not only light up, but also creates effects in blue, red or green colors.

The fan integrates flashlight LEDs in a UV reactive plastic material and displays strobe effects in combination with the use of black light. The 80mm fan comes with a control box that enables users to adjust rpm, and blinking frequency of the LEDs. According to Sharkoon, different configurations allow various effects such as a stand-still of the fan as well as a fan rotating in reverse.

Maximum fan speed is 2500 rpm ; power consumption of the device is rated at 1.44W. It According to the spec, it produces airflow of up to 27.05 cfm, and a noise level of 27.4 dB(A).

Sharkoon did not comment on availability and pricing, but expect the UV StrobeFan to retail for about $15 when it hits US retail in the coming weeks.

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