Sharkoon Launches its SHARK Blades 120 mm Fans

Sharkoon has introduced a new series of fans – the SHARK Blades series. To start off, it's only launching 120 mm case fans.

The fans will have a curved 3D frame design, as well as so-called air-stabilizing fan blades. The bearing in the units is a fluid dynamic sleeve bearing, which can push the fans to spin at speeds of up to 1000 RPM.  At this speed, they push 33 CFM and make up to 19 dBA of noise. They have a static pressure of 2.63 mm of H2O.

The fans will come with four different color accents: blue, red, green and yellow. MSRP pricing is set at 13€.

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  • DarkSable
    Huh, I actually rather like the look. It's different.
  • AJSB
    I also love it....i wonder the z-height of them...and if the colored "strips" are kinda "fluo"....I would love to make a build with the red version :D
  • airplanegeek
    they look insane