Second Hand Smoke - Extreme Keyboards II

Or, as I like to say, Extremus (or could it be exterum) Tabula Literum Duo. Look, last week I pointed you to , where you can get a wonderful Latin to English translation application. I have played around with it a little, and it's a lot of fun. Dudes, Latin will make you seem erudite and cool to dudesses. Dudesses, Latin will either have dudes putting you on a pedestal, or fearing you, either way, you win.

For me, Latin beats Solitaire, which incidentally I believe is Microsoft's insidious attempt at mind control over people who are forced to sit in cubicles while their Suits have meetings about "the future direction of the company". Anyhow, I wonder how many emails Ion Storm got saying, "Hey, dudes, cut it out with the Latin name. What the heck is Deus Ex anyways? You guys suck."

Interestingly enough I think that research has proven that no matter what keyboard you use, a tendency to use words like "suck", or to stick smiley faces in your emails can result in a greater probability of RSI than using words like, I don't know, say, quaff. So, "you quaff, dude" is infinitely healthier than prolonged use of "you suck, dude". I am sure the data is out there somewhere to support me on this.

Another bit of housekeeping: I did get a few emails from people who work in computer stores, and I don't really mean to cause offense so, let me put it this way, sweeping generalizations are just that, sweeping generalizations. Exceptions will always exist, and I know that there are many diligent, and motivated tech savvy dudes and dudesses working in computer stores. I just refused to acknowledge them.

As for bald people with ponytails, I can't really apologize to any of you with any clear conscience. Most of you are probably working in the media, or advertising, or are desperately trying to break into the Sundance Film Festival. As such, I think you should pursue your dreams, and just bear in mind that people like me can see the back of your head, and you can't. Quad Erat Demonstratum.

Hey, QED. That's a good ol' math term, right? Enough tech speak for ya, huh, is it?

On with the show.

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