Seasonic Unveils A 1600W Titanium And ETA-A+ PSU At Computex 2018

At Computex 2018, Seasonic revealed a fully digital PSU featuring a totem pole PFC converter and GaN MODFETs (HEMTs).

The Corsair AX1600i was the first PSU that we know of to utilize this topology, and it achieved stunning performance levels because of it. The AX1600i is actually the king of our performance charts, and we're keen to find out whether or not this new PSU from Seasonic will be able to take its throne, as soon as it's actually released. To find out more, we spoke to the engineer responsible for Seasonic's new platform, Lin Paul.

The video above shows the upcoming Seasonic flagship and also contains a short interview with its designer. In the second part of the video you will see the other PSUs that Seasonic had in its booth.

Aside from a fully digital unit, the only thing missing from Seasonic's portfolio was an SFX-L model, and the SGX-650 fills that gap. It features 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, a fully modular cable design, a fluid dynamic bearing fan supported by semi-passive operation, and, most importantly, a 10-year warranty. What more could you want? Well, probably a good price, yet in the majority of cases a PSU's price will rise as its dimensions fall.

We don't have an availability date for the SGX-650 PSU, but we are anxious to evaluate it once it is available.

In addition to the new platforms, we also noticed at Seasonic's booth fresh Snow Silent units with 550W, 650W, and 750W capacities. Thankfully, we will have them in our test lab soon enough, so you probably won't have to wait long for something new from Computex 2018 to officially debut.

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  • DookieDraws
    I love Seasonic PSUs! Looking forward to seeing the complete lineup.
  • chaosmassive
    2,000W Mining PSU
    you mean Intel 28 cores CPU ?