Scythe Announces its Compact Iori CPU Cooler

Scythe has revealed its new Iori compact CPU cooler. The unit features a top-down flow design, and is supposed to be used on Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX systems where space is sometimes a scarce commodity.

Heat is taken from the CPU surface by means of a nickel-plated contact block which transfers the heat to three 6 mm thick copper heat pipes. In turn, the heat is brought into an aluminum fin array, from which the heat is dissipated using a 100 mm fan. The fan is PWM capable and can spin at speeds ranging from 300 RPM to 1800 RPM. As such, noise levels can range from an inaudible 4.5 dBA up to a moderate 26.7 dBA.

The entire structure weighs 400 grams and measures 107 x 92 x 136 mm. This compact format allowed Scythe to employ a push-pin mounting system, making mounting the cooler to a motherboard a snap.

Compatibility is stated for most modern CPU sockets, including AMD's AM3+ and FM2+ sockets as well as Intel's LGA115X sockets. European availability is immediate with ex-VAT pricing of €24.50. No word on U.S. pricing yet, but we can expect it to be about $25, or not far from there.

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  • monaris
    I recall this being called the "Lori" awhile ago here, though I wish they'd come out with cases in smaller form factors and forms. I'd build a small PC but every case on the market is a box. Box with lights, Box with windows, I don't want a box.
  • bloodroses75
    You are right that 90% of the mini PC designs are cubes/boxes, which kinda sucks. At least there are a few options. Silverstone has one with another one similar to it coming soon:
  • rwinches
    Oh so I can slap this on an FX-8350 and be in business then?Yes, no 8320 then?