Scotty, beam me some light - so I can sleep!

A former Department of Defense Physicist, Neil Goldman, has extensively researched sleep disorders and their effects on the brain and emotional state. The company Goldman founded, Enlightened Technologies Associates Inc. (ETA) has created technology to wear that emits light in order to help regulate sleep patterns of those suffering from sleep disorders, jet lag and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), all of which are connected to insufficient exposure to proper amounts of sunlight. ETA is in final approval testing process of eyeglasses that emit light in an attempt to mimic the effect of the sun's light on human sleep patterns. Goldman said he believes wearing these light-emitting glasses can potentially alleviate depression and other related medical conditions without the need for prescription drugs. In order to be effective, Goldman claims that ETA's products, which can also be made to fit eyeglass prescriptions, must be worn for several hours a day at set times. "We're one of the first companies to take a technological approach to dealing with the clock in the brain. We want to treat the core cause, not the problem," said Goldman, Chief Executive and Chairman of ETA. The special glasses are currently undergoing tests at Northwestern University and at the Swedish Hospital of Seattle. Provided all continues on track, Goldman says the classes will be available to the general public within one year from now.

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