ScotteVest: Technology Enabled Clothing

Who Needs It? Everyone!

Whether you are a gamer, photographer, IT technician, parent, obsessive-compulsive, EMT, space pirate, repairman, bodyguard, spy, or simply and all-around gadget freak, ScotteVest clothing is for you. These garments exhibit a rare harmony of utility and style that is perfect for the needs of the technology enthusiasts in our discerning audience.

Stylish and perfect for nerds and spies alike, you can use it to carry your calculator, topple governments or attract Pussy Galore.

Because of their unique functionality, expandability and outright coolness, ScotteVest's pants, THREE.0 Fintex system, and sport coat deserve our coveted "Must Have" award. We have come across no other products that combine these features with such quality of manufacture and style in design. If you carry anything beyond a wallet and keys - and you're reading Tom's so we know you do - you owe it to yourself to check out the ScotteVest line.


Quality PAN - Ready to be wired for all your devices Mind blowing storage capacity Unique pockets design conceals what you are carrying Style Warrantee Future compatible


Price Sport coat was a lint magnet (but who cares - pack along 3 extra lint rollers if you like!) No secret compartments in the sleeve (Where do I hide my Ace?) Your friends will constantly be asking to borrow it.
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