ScotteVest: Technology Enabled Clothing

Not Just Sporty - They Also Come In Spiffy

After I first received the jacket and looked it over, I thought boy, would one of these be handy for a business meeting or church, if it were only a little more formal. Then, while looking over the ScotteVest website later on, I discovered that they had a sport coat! I had to have one.

In the back, it actually had a pocket big enough to fit this laptop.

Trying to hide the shuttle PC was not as successful, however.

I am a pretty devout church-goer, but easily distracted. Since I attend church for 3 hours a week, I like to bring along a couple of items to feed my mind during those moments of distraction. I can get away with my Pocket PC because I have loaded the Bible on it, but my fiancée usually gives me a disapproving glance if she sees me with anything more than that.

The sport coat is perfect for carrying around a multitude of distractions.

Well, the Sunday after my sport coat arrived, I was at church with my fiancée, and wearing a wicked grin. She didn't know that under the sport coat - which earned me a "Honey, you look so handsome!" from her - I had a Nintendo DS, my Pocket PC, 2 magazines, a legal pad, a WiFi finder, a small digital camera, and a hard copy Bible.

After the first meeting I got a hug from her and then a raised eyebrow, "What have you got in that jacket?"

"My scriptures and my Pocket PC."
"And a legal pad. For notes. Hmm. I need to use the restroom." And I gave her a peck on the cheek and escaped. Due to differing responsibilities, we were separated for the rest of the meetings, and my conscience kept me from using anything but my Pocket PC and the books of Judah and Joseph. Regardless, it felt great to have so many things at hand - and nobody even knew! Several minutes admiring myself in the restroom mirror convinced me that the hanging pockets design was a winner.

With the hanging pockets, you can't tell what I am carrying.