Surprise: Even Today, Not All Students are Tech Savvy

According to survey results released by the Economic & Social Research Council, being "tech savvy" is a complex description that does not only cover using a laptop and a smartphone anymore. And by that definition, there are apparently significant gaps, especially between generations and between students and teachers.

The study, which covered more than 2,000 first year students at five English universities, found that a mobile phone is the most common tech equipment today, with 97.8 percent of all students claiming to own such a device. 83.2 percent of all students also mentioned the cell phone as the as the device they would miss most if they did not have access to it. 77.4 percent said they owned a laptop and 38.1 percent owned a desktop computer.

70.1 percent of students said that their ability to access a computer was enough to "meet their computing needs".

Engagement in social networking is now also included in the tech savvy category and it is clear that it is an activity that has its traction among younger students. 95.7 percent of students aged 20 and younger have used social networking, while only 21.5 percent of those 35 and older have done so. Interestingly, however, younger students do not necessarily use access to new technologies to enhance their learning ability. The study found that they use information and communication technologies for social life and leisure more often while older students were more likely to use them for study purposes.

Also, despite the fact that the praised new world of mobile devices would enable students to learn anywhere and anyplace, they still study in the same places they did decades ago: They continue to study in their bedrooms, the university library or other dedicated study spaces, the study found.

The least likely tech engagement areas were contributing to blogs (21.5 percent) and wikis (12.1 percent) or participating in a virtual world (2 percent).

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  • HEXiT
    lolz what made you think they would be. most have been brought up on consoles not computers... this next gen of kids will be just as tech savy as most in the 80's yeah they know how to use an app but have no idea how to program or whats even inside there smartphones. then again the dumbest thing about smartphones has always been there owners... paying 3 times what the phone is worth and thinking they get it for free on a contract...
    what suprises me most is the age of most of the kids that do tutorials on youtube... the younger 1s seem to do the best, kids of 12-15, while theres a big gap from late teens to early 30's and then the older techys take over... i think this has more to do with the fact consoles held sway over the last 15 or so years.