Sapphire's Radeon R9 295X2 Has the Coolest Packaging

AMD's Radeon R9 295X might not be available for purchase for a few more days, but Sapphire has something special for those who do purchase the card when it becomes available. AMD shipped out review samples in a special metal briefcase, and it looks like Sapphire plans to do the same with retail versions of the card.

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The packaging was revealed via Sapphire's official Facebook page, but the company didn't offer much else in the way of details. Other than Sapphire branding and that super special packaging, it looks like Sapphire's R9 295X2 won't be any different than the reference card. Sapphire also hasn't named a release date. AMD is promising end of April for availability, though our own Chris Angelini has said they'll debut the week of April 21. It's not clear if other manufacturers will also be shipping their R9 295X2s in these metal cases. We'll let you know if any more crop up!

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  • ekagori
    Ha! I wonder if they'll also give you handcuffs to tie the briefcase around your wrist? Lol
  • ferooxidan
    This is very good and stay true to AMD marketing that show us with suitcase packaging. I've seen ASUS and it's just a big cardboard box. lame
  • pills161
    Seems gimmicky to me, I want to pay good money for an awesome card and performance, I don't really care about the packaging it comes in...