Samsung Claiming Thinnest LCD Screen at 7.9mm

Need another 1/10th of a millimeter of space on your desk ? Probably not, but Samsung is claiming the thinnest LCD in the world at 7.9mm over the 8.0mm Phillips had on show back in August.

A tenth of a millimeter is not much at all, but when it comes to these giants competing with each other, it means everything. Samsung unveiled a prototype 40-inch LCD that is 7.9mm thin at an event in South Korea last week — beating the 32-inch LCD from Phillips at 8mm.

Both prototypes were able to achieve their ’thinness’ by having the tuner and most other electronics put into a separate box that sits near the screen. There has been no mention of either product becoming commercially available at this point in time.

Samsung was also showing off a 52-inch LCD that is only 9.9mm thin — which is very impressive and matches the Sony ZX1, due to ship this coming November in Japan and Europe to follow shortly after. Samsung has no comment on when its super thin 52-inch is expected to hit the market.

It is quite amazing how thin these things are getting — it seems like only yesterday we were all using enormous CRTs on our desks and living rooms.

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  • Flakes
    Havnt you seen that stuff there prototyping at the minute, that is a screen as thin as a bit of paper? they wanted it to replace newspapers saying that the film could receive news and update instantly.
  • rtfm
    Flakes, that device is monochrome and I don't think it's backlit either. Very clever though, it uses plastic electronics instead of silicon