Samsung Announces Retina Tablet Display

The 10.1-inch screen features a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels, which is four times the pixel density of common 10.1" (Android) tablets such as the Motorola Xoom (1280x800 pixels). Apple's iPad and iPad 2, by the way run with 1024xz768 pixels.

The Samsung display has a density of 300 dpi, which falls just short of the iPhone 4's 326 dpi an could be considered the first "Retina" display for tablets. According to the manufacturer, the screen delivers a brightness of 300 cd/m2 indoor and outdoor as much as 600 cd/m2 to, which should be enough to see content on the display even in direct sunlight.

The "PenTile" display technology is provided by Nouvoyance, which engineered a quincunx pattern of pixels, rather than the usual square pattern. The quincunx approach features more connection points with neighboring [pixels and less gaps, according to Nouvoyance. The result? Apparently, the clarity of the screen is much better than what we would expect from a 2560x1600 pixel 10.1-inch display. Given the fact that we typically seen such resolution only on high-end 30-inch displays anyway, we expect to see an astounding display tomorrow.

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  • shennan19
    Sounds amazing but there are a few queries with a display that dense:
    a) what's the cost going to be like
    b) what's the impact going to be on battery running the display
    and c)will the hardware be able to run on the res smoothly and if it can then back to b)!
  • e-z
    If they can squeeze 2560x1600 pixels into a 10.1" panel, why doesn't anyone make a 19" 1080p panel for PC's? I'm pretty sure I've seen 19" TV's with 1080p but none for monitors. The reason I ask is because I need a new monitor but due to space restrictions, even the smallest monitor I can find (21.5") doesn't fit :(

    Anyway, I also wonder what the damage on the battery life will be due to such a high res and if it's even necessary to have that res on a tablet.
  • Nick_C
    I saw a 19" 1920x1080 monitor in CostCo the other day....