Samsung releases thin digital camera with 7x optical zoom

Samsung today released its compact NV7 OPS camera, which offers a 7x optical zoom in a slim form factor device. The 7-megapixel camera is crammed into a 4.2" by 2.5" by 0.8" thick frame and - despite it small size - has both optical and electronic image stabilization. Optical Picture Stabilization (OPS) physically adjusts the CCD position to control shake, while Advanced Shake Reduction electronically reduces vibration.

Prosumer and professional photographers will like the array of manual controls on Samsung’s new camera. Both shutter and aperture priority modes are available, along with a full-manual shooting mode. Macro shots can be taken as close as 4 cm away.

The NV7 can also take VGA (640 X 480 pixel) movies at 30 frames/s.

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