Samsung Greets 2019 With New Monitors for Gamers, Creative Pros

Credit: SamsungCredit: Samsung

Samsung is heading into CES 2019, the big annual tech show in Las Vegas next week, with three new monitors for both gamers and creative professionals. Enthusiasts will probably be most intrigued by the CRG9, a 49-inch display with a 32:9 aspect ratio, dual QHD resolution (5120×1440), a 120Hz refresh rate and a 1,800mm screen curvature. As if that weren't enough, the CRG9's also compatible with HDR10, as well as the accompanying AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 HDR adaptive tech.

Samsung CRG9 Monitor

Based on the aforementioned specs alone, the monitor's a sibling to Samsung's C49HG90 but with souped up resolution and a slower refresh rate.  

Samsung didn't share pricing information or a release date for the CRJ9. Those details could be revealed at CES 2019, though (and we suspect that anyone whose system can fully utilize the monitor won't really care about its price and instead prioritize experiencing their favorite games in the private equivalent to an IMAX theater). 

Samsung Space Monitor Specs

Credit: SamsungCredit: Samsung

Another monitor Samsung revealed ahead of CES 2019 is the Samsung Space Monitor (the company's fond of celestial branding). The main draw for the Samsung Space Monitor is an integrated monitor arm that clamps onto a desk--as monitor arms are wont to do--and lets people tilt, swivel and change the monitor's height. Samsung also simplified cable management by putting the HDMI and power cords right in the arm.

There are two versions of the Samsung Space: a 27-inch with QHD resolution (2560x1440) and a 32-inch version with a 4K resolution (3840x2160) resolution. Samsung didn't reveal pricing information for either model, but we expect both to be cheaper than the CRG9, considering much of the Samsung Space Monitor's appeal can be replicated by other monitor arms.

Samsung UR59C Monitor Specs

Credit: SamsungCredit: Samsung

The final monitor Samsung teased ahead of CES 2019 is the UR59C (apparently the company likes alphanumeric nonsense even more than it likes space). This one's made specifically for creative professionals with 32-inches, a 4K curved display with a 2,500:1 contrast ratio and "support for up to one billion colors," Samsung said in its announcement.

You can learn more about the monitors Samsung announced today on a page dedicated to the "display solutions" it's bringing to CES.

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  • Ratlle
    Got one problem with any of these deals : i live in Europe ! What about it ? Well ..when i buy something from a US/Canada store the charge me with shipping cost and tax fee's so...this kind of cancel's the deal even more, the price become's higher that the original . Now can you do a European deals post ?
  • WildCard999
    That CRG9 looks absolutely amazing and those specs are impressive, hopefully AMD Navi's higher end cards can play games at that resolution.
  • vaughn2k
    Space Monitor at last!! looks absolutely Gorgeous and space saving!