Samsung Introduces CDMA Base Station for the Home

Losing your cell phone signal in your house is one of the many reasons that people still keep their landlines intact, but Samsung is out to change that. The company is demonstrating a small plug-and-play base station that works with users’ existing mobile phones to provide in-home cellular service over existing public broadband networks. Samsung’s UbiCell Solution is a CDMA Femtocell base station that improves coverage. This will allow carrier’s to address customer complaints about coverage which can help retain customers and allow for new services and incentives through bundled pricing. Samsung says that UbiCell will allow users to eliminate the need for a landline phone. With guaranteed in-home service, users will no longer have to pay for separate landline charges for basic features such as long distance, voice mail, caller ID and call waiting. The solution will allow Carriers to offer differentiated services and provides an opportunity to increase revenue through additional MOUs. The unit is said to be easy to install and adapts to its environment with automatic configuration, plug-and-play and remote operation and maintenance. The system is ready to use without requiring any technical assistance, it requires any broadband internet (xDSL or Cable Modem), Ethernet connection and 110V power. After installation, the UbiCell will locate and register with the Management Server to configure and begin service. Samsung’s UbiCell Solution is expected to be available to consumers in the second half of 2007.
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