Samsung Calls on Judge to Halt Apple Retrial

The trial of the century has hit a new, fairly interesting snag. Samsung has called the whole thing into question based on the testimony from the Patent Office which suggests that the pinch-to-zoom feature Apple has been eager to defend may not even be legitimate. The Patent Office's statement regarding patent no. 7,844,915 doesn't invalidate Apple's claim; it is just that the company will need to provide more evidence to support their claims.

Samsung, in response said, "This PTO decision calls into question the entire jury verdict in this trial. During its presentation, Apple made a deliberate decision not to separate the damages between the different asserted patents. Therefore, it will be impossible to determine what allocation of damages belong to the invalid '915 patent versus the other patents. It would be unjust to have damages evaluated and awarded on a patent found to be invalid by the PTO."

The retrial picked up last Tuesday to decide specifically how much Samsung owed Apple, given that a previous jury had already declared that infringement had, in fact, taken place. Regardless of how the jury is swayed this time, next year a new patent trial between the electronics manufacturers will kick off – starting the slap fight all over again.

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  • alz_solstice
    Again. Patent War. Nowadays just for money and fame. Lousy.
  • ericburnby
    Little late. Judge Koh already denied the motion.
  • gsxrme
    Death to patent trolls!