Samsung 860 EVO SSDs Now $72 for 500GB, $127 for 1TB

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a week-long affair, the deals are popping earlier than ever. Among the few diamonds in the rough so far are Samsung's 860 EVO SATA SSDs. A 500GB version can be had for $72.99 at Amazon, while a 1TB version is $127.98. These are some of the lowest prices we've ever seen on these drives.

It's easy to get hyped for deals, but we know these SSDs because we reviewed them. They have a high endurance rating and strong performance. Some might have considered the EVO to be too expensive, but that's not much of a criticism with this sale.

If you're looking for a SATA 2.5-inch drive, this is a bargain. People know the Samsung EVO series by name for a reason. (And maybe you'll never want to use a hard drive again.)