COMPUTEX 2010 Day 1: New Rosewill PC Cases

Front and center (well, more like back and left) was Rosewill's booth for COMPUTEX 2010, which featured a variety of products from the PC component reseller. The feature attraction were a bunch of cases set for eventual release to the market.

The key features of the Rosewill Gear X series gaming PC case are it's sideways 3.5" mounts and component layout that promises generous air flow. At the front of the case is a tray that slides out to accommodate drive mounting. It's a simple matter of pulling the tray out for quick access to both sides for placing screws. Below this tray are static mounts that are also oriented towards the side.

The case's front fan is directly in front of these side-ward mounts, while up to two fans can be mounted directly above the CPU fan to pull air in (the power supply is near the bottom). The top fan mounts swivel upwards away from the case, also for easy access purposes.

The Gear X series comes in X2 and X3 variants, designed for microATX and full ATX motherboards respectively. Our only concern with Rosewill's product is that the sliding tray needs to be removed to make way for large-sized GPU cards like the higher-end ATI 5xxx series. Rosewill is currently ramping up mass production for an end-of-July 2010 market release, with estimated prices of $70 and $80 for the X2 and X3 respectively.

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  • Lewis57
    Woah that's one packed PC. Without seeing the front i can't really judge whether i like it or not, but looks pretty cool from this view.