Roccat Gamifies its Next Mouse With 4000 dpi Sensor

The device offers true 4000 dpi resolution and covers a lighting spectrum of 16.8 million colors, as well as few design gimmicks such as a braided cable.

Roccat is also the first mouse manufacturer to embrace gamification techniques. In fact, we are not aware of any hardware that would employ game mechanics to promote the engagement with the hardware itself: According to the manufacturer, the user will be rewarded with badges and awards for certain achievements. Gamification is an emerging industry in the marketing segment that leverages common game mechanics such as competitive gameplay, strategy development, application feedback, scores, prizes and social networking to change the behavior of users in certain applications and convince them to spend more time with a certain product or brand.

Roccat said that it will provide details about the rewards system as well as full product specs and pricing at CeBit, which opens on March 6.

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  • p4nz3rm4d
    interesting, but not a looker like the rat 7...
  • HEXiT
    thats the problem the ray 7 is all looks as are most mice... you dont need more than your screen size in dpi, high poll rate and an accurate sensor... having huge dpi means nothing if you cant actually aim the mouse at your desktop and hit everything first time every time... to get the best from this kind of mouse it is a case of either matching the screens dpi or setting the dpi to maximum then turning the sensitivity down both of which solutions negate the usefulness of the mouse... currently i have the rat 7 contagion im running it at 1925/1075 every day setting and 1600/900 while gaming for increased accuracy. when i switched over to gaming mice about 6 years ago i thought they were a great idea but since then they haven't gotten a whole lot better and neither has my gaming...
    dont be fooled by sales jargon and hype buy what you feel comfy using.
    if its for gaming, make sure it has 0 acceleration, 0 prediction, a solid high (over 250) poll rate (although interrupt driven is better) and a dpi rate that can be set to the same ratio as your screen.

    you can get all these features in a $20 mouse or if you want extra bells, whistles, lights, horns, buttons and an on screen ego smoother please pay $100's like i did...

    oh btw the first rat 7 had to go back as the sensor was misaligned and would move the mouse every time the buttons were pressed. i only kept the contagion because they didnt have any stock 7's to replace it with so they sent me the advanced model, which as it turns out is a much much better product overall anyway. it uses a different improved sensor which is good but the build quality is still suspect.
  • HEXiT
    as for the roccat i find them to be very very light mice. disturbingly so as an older gamer who was brought up on ball mice i find the lack of weight off putting... although there palm feel and button placement is on the whole pretty good... not the best (microsoft sidewinder xX mouse takes that crown with its vertical placement of its side buttons) but still pretty comfy and intuitive. if you can live with the lack of weight they are very good products design wise, and will do the job as good if not better than some of the more expensive mice. the Roccat kova(+) for instance is a top draw mouse that i would easily recommend along side the razor death adder or logitech G5 (2 of my all time favorite mice)...