Roccat Expands New Kone Mouse Line with 6400 dpi Sensor

Kone XTD Optical

New from German PC accessories maker Roccat is a new entry in its Kone Series mice. The new Kone XTD Optical has an adjustable distance control unit to customize lift-off distance and a new 6,400dpi optical sensor. Roccat says that gamers will be able to significantly improve their accuracy with optical sensors. The Kone XTD Optical offers renowned features like Omron switches, the 4D Titan Wheel, Easy-Aim and Roccat Talk.

Kone Pure

For the smaller Pure version of the Kone Series, Roccat has three new designs that it'll be rolling out at CES 2014. The Kone Pure Military features a 5,000dpi optical sensor with TDCU and will be available in three different styles: Desert Strike, Naval Storm and Camo Charge. ROCCAT will also make the new Kave XTD 5.1 Analog plus a mousepad available in the same design and sell the mice alone or as a bundle.

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  • Shaun o
    Think 3200 dpi is enough to be honest.
    I`m happy with that setting.
  • vittau
    I've went through 3 Omron D2FC-F-7N micro-switches on my SteelSeries Sensei, and they all start double-clicking within months of normal use. It's a pretty common problem with these switches, I'm still trying to figure out why everyone seems to like these so much.

    Meanwhile my cheap MS Basic Optical has been working just fine for more than 5 years with the original micro-switches.
  • grndzro
    Buttons too sensitive. Compare Corsair's mice to any other newer ones. You will feel the difference.

    I tried the Sensei too the weight of my hand triggers the buttons. Got a Corsair M65 now and it is a good replacment for my old Logitech G5.