Rise of Nations: A New RTS Pushes the Envelope

Anyone who's into Real Time Strategy (RTS) games knows that the genre has long been overpopulated; it seems like every time you turn around, there's another new RTS game. So it should be no surprise to the RTS gaming community that another one has just hit the shelves. Microsoft Studios and developer Big Huge Games have teamed up to bring you Rise of Nations, a game that just might raise the bar for future RTS games.

It's not your typical RTS, and we mean that in the nicest possible way. It features cross-genre game play, combining the speed of real-time gaming with the epic scope of turn-based strategy games. This provides some of the most interesting features we've ever seen in a game of this kind. There are a number of other interesting things Rise of Nations has to offer, leaving us to wonder if RTS gaming will ever be the same again.

Rise of Nations is also unique in the fact that it was developed by famed turn-based designer Brian Reynolds, who has been responsible for great turn-based games such as Civilization II. The buzz surrounding this game has been incredible. Although it appeared to be nothing more than hype at first, this is certainly not the case. Reynolds led an experienced team of developers whose goal it was to deliver a top-quality strategy game that emphasized excellence in all aspects of its development. And deliver they did.

Being big fans of such Reynolds titles as Civilization II, Colonization, and Alpha Centauri, I looked forward to finding out what new features Rise of Nations could bring to my eagerly twitching hands.

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