Riotoro Enigma 850W PSU Review

Packaging, Contents, Exterior, And Cabling


The PSU's fan grille is shown on the front of the box. Riotoro also uses yellow and red on the box, highlighting the information in those frames. In yellow, we find the model number, an icon corresponding to 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, and another icon depicting the five-year warrant. The red frame draws attention to the 140mm cooling fan, the Japanese bulk caps, and the semi-modular cabling.

Cable and connector info is provided up top, along with cable length details. We always appreciate seeing those measurements on packaging, even if we verify them in every PSU review.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of information is found around back: a graph showing the fan's noise curve at 25°C ambient. While it's nice to have that information available, it'd be even more useful to see the same noise data at a more realistic ambient temperature (30 to 32°C, perhaps).


The box contents are protected sufficiently by packing foam, while the modular cables are stored in a nylon bag. Apparently, a pouch would have increased the product's price, and Riotoro wanted to avoid this. Nonetheless, it would be nice to have a proper pouch for storing unused modular cables post-installation.

A user's manual, a set of screws, some zip-ties, and the requisite power cord form the PSU's bundle.


For an 850W PSU, the Enigma's dimensions are compact enough and its aesthetic is fairly typical of most modern power supplies. Up front, there's a power switch under the AC receptacle, and the cooling fan faces upwards.

Labels on the sides add a nice touch. They depict Riotoro's logo, along with the product's model number.

The main ATX cable features colored wires and is round, while the fixed EPS cable utilizes dark wires and is flat. That's a weird combination, if you ask us. A grommet around the cable exit hole protects the fixed cables from fraying against the enclosure's edges. Finally, the modular panel includes a limited number of sockets.

A plain design is bettered by a decent-quality finish that isn't particularly prone to fingerprints.


As mentioned, the only cable sporting colored wires is the main ATX one. On top of that, it's the only cable that isn't flat. Some readers complain about flat cables, but I personally prefer them over round or even sleeved ones. We strongly believe that the best combination is flat cables with highly flexible wires. Conversely, round cables made with 16-gauge wires are a nightmare to route inside of a chassis.

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