Review: NETGEAR SC101 Storage Central

Performance - Read

The news is somewhat better for read performance. Comparing Figures 11 and 12, you can see that the SC's peak cached read performance is actually better than the hard drive's! The other good news is that although performance still takes a nose dive with record sizes 256 kBytes and higher, read throughput stays high for a wider range of file sizes and degrades more gradually than write.

Figure 11: SC101 Read Performance
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The read performance edge, however, still goes to the hard drive, which is faster over a wider range of file and record sizes.

Figure 12: Hard drive Read Performance
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Although you can't really see it due to the scale used, Figure 13 holds expected good news for the SC's mirrored read performance. Basically, there's no significant difference between mirrored and non-mirrored read speed in the non-cached portions of the curve. (This is expected, since mirroring is a write-time-only activity.)

Figure 13: SC101 Mirrored Read Performance
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