Review: NETGEAR SC101 Storage Central

Technical Details, Continued

When you install the SC's Storage Central Manager Utility, a ZNS SCSI Adapter driver is also installed that makes each of the drives you create with the utility look like directly-attached SCSI drives (Figure 3).

Figure 3: SC101 entries in Device Manager
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So while the SC attaches to your LAN's switch via its 10/100 Ethernet port, its drives appear in the Hard Drives section of My Computer - just like "normal" drives (Figure 4).

Figure 4: SC101 drive in My Computer

What's not normal, however, is the drive format, which Windows reports as SFSZ. So when I tried to run the Windows Disk check and defrag utilities on the SC drive, Windows politely declined. My contact at Zetera explained that SFSZ is a enterprise-class SAN file system from DataPlow designed for "very high-end applications and supercomputing centers". He said that since the file system is self-correcting, there is no requirement for a disk check and repair utility. He also said that defragging isn't necessary because blocks are directly written to disk rather than files, which need to be arranged for good read performance.