Report: Asus Has ''Off the Charts'' Reliability Score

Third party computer support company Rescuecom has released its quarterly findings on computer reliability.

These reports are calculated in a simple and straight forward manner:  the number of computers an individual manufacturer ships (and therefore its market share) is weighed against the number of calls Rescuecom’s computer repair specialists receive for that same manufacturer.

Mind you, a high reliability score does not translate directly to the machine's reliability. While it could mean that the better score means better machines, it also could signal that the owners of the machine choose to seek support directly from the manufacturer rather than third-party Rescuecom.

These are the conclusions that Rescuecom drew from its data:

For instance, Asus has an off the charts score as compared to the other manufacturers, even second place Apple.  Does this mean Asus is that much more reliable?  Perhaps, but it might also be a function of the product itself.

Asus produces a great number of ‘eee’ series computers and inexpensive netbooks - both popular with budget minded and entry level consumers.  While these machines can certainly be reliable, often are inexpensive enough that seeking out computer repair makes less budgetary sense than simply replacing the computer altogether.

Then there is Apple.  A consistent top three finisher, Apple’s superior level of service for its products has long made them among the most reliable in the industry.

Dell is another interesting case.  Despite owning the second largest market share for this quarter, Dell ranks last among the major manufacturers in reliability.  When it came to the number of calls received by Rescuecom, Dell had over 100 more than the next closest major manufacturer, a sign that both their products and customer service have left consumers wanting.

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  • will_chellam
    Another way to interpret this is the customer demographic as well... I would hazard a guess that your average dell consumer is a great deal less computer savvy than your boutique purchaser....
  • Clintonio
    I'm an ASUS owner, I can say it's bloody damn sturdy. I don't know how it survived the abuse (physical) I've given it. In terms of software, I'm an advanced user, I have few troubles with it.
  • Herr_Koos
    The only Asus part I currently have is my mobo, but it is truly rock solid. I will buy an Asus mobo for my next upgrade as well, no doubts there.