Reinforcements: 6 New Athlon Boards With VIA's KT133A

BAPCo SYSmark 2000: Windows 98 SE & Windows 2000

The clear SYSmark2000 winners are ABit's KT7A, Asus A7V133 and Soltek's SL75KAV-X. As most of you know, the SYSmark is quite a theoretical benchmark, as in actual practice most included applications spend most of their time waiting for input from the user. Of course the charts shows the actual differences between the candidates, but it's hard to distinguish the difference in the real world.

Mercedes Benz Truck Racing

Mercedes Benz Truck Racing is one of the most demanding or worst programmed 3D-games available today. Like with all other motherboard reviews we switched the resolution down to 640x480, in order to make the motherboard (AGP and memory interface) the bottleneck - not the graphics card.

Here, the boards from Soltek, Asus, ABit, AOpen and IWill are on top again. Unfortunately MSI is not able to reach more than the last position.

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