Red Hat Linux 7.2

Yes, I know that an OS isn't hardware but judging from emails that I've received from the loyal readers of THG, Linux stuff seems to be of interest to many of you rebels. Yesterday, Red Hat announced that Red Hat Linux 7.2 and Red Hat Linux Professional are now available in stores, through computer resellers, and direct from the company. New features of Red Hat Linux 7.2 include the 2.4.7 kernel; Ext3 Journaling file; network configuration, user management, and hardware viewing tools for infrastructure and development; firewall configuration during installation; improved USB support; nautilus file manager; Mozilla Web browser; the latest versions of the GNOME and KDE desktop environments; office apps that include a full version of Sun StarOffice 5.2; printed installation guide and documentation; C, C++, Java and other compilers as well as Python, Perl and PHP interpreters; web, file, mail, name, ftp and print servers; Loki Game demo CD; 30 days of web-based support; and a 30-day subscription to Red Hat Network Software Manager for one system.

Red Hat Linux Professional includes everything in Red Hat Linux 7.2 with the addition of a printed customization guide; a Web Server Applications CD with application development tools and Interchange ECommerce package; Workstation Applications CD with Adobe Acrobat, and IBM Java Run Time Environment; System Administrator CD; 60 days of web-based support; 60 days of telephone-based support, including two incidents; and 180-day subscription to Red Hat Network Software Manager for one system.

Red Hat says that it will announce an advanced server version of Red Hat Linux 7.2 within six months, with a Linux kernel compiled for datacenter deployments, including support for UP through 8-way SMP systems. Also due out later is a version of Red Hat Linux 7.2 for IBM's S/390 Mainframe, complete with the 2.4 kernel, development libraries, and S/390 specific tools and utilities for installation natively or as VM guests. Red Hat also announced the availability of the Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite. Red Hat Linux 7.2 is priced at $59.95, Red Hat Linux Professional is priced at $199.95, Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite will start at $2,500. Pricing for the other products will be announced as they come to light.

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