Red-M Bluetooth Module for Handspring Visor

There seems to be quite a market for add on devices that will keep your PDA viable by giving it capabilities that new models have (or will have) built in. Now, if only someone would develop upgradeable cell phones, we'd all be in business. Red-M's new Blade is a gadget that you stuff into the the Springboard expansion slot in the back of your Handspring Visor Platinum, Edge, Prism, Pro & Neo to give it Bluetooth wireless capabilities. The Red-M Blade can identify and connect with other authorized Bluetooth devices, like PCs or a Bluetooth in-building network for wireless access and synchronization. Priced at $179, the Red-M Blade for Handspring will be available this month. The Red-M Blade for Palm VX is shipping now and is priced at $199.

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