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As a reference, I point out the following articles that have made David fear for my life, and helped create a poll on our very own community pages that is designed to help Tom decide when to fire me:

Stop Smothering AMD I

Stop Smothering AMD II
Valentine's Day Special
ZD Rant

As I said, for the benefit of the paragraph-challenged - an editorial first I believe - a numbered rant.

I believe, with all my heart, that the purpose of sites like THG is to challenge the establishment. The establishment is the bloated, anachronistic PC industry that seems to think that a little more performance, or another Microsoft OS release, are all it takes to get an upgrade cycle going, and with it, double digit growth. Forums where ideologues congregate and hijack communities are the establishment. The establishment is the belief in the two party system: AMD versus Intel, Nvidia versus ATI. It's over. The PC industry is an industry. Like the car industry. Like the steel industry. Same set of players, year in, year out. Same dymanics. Same results. Lowered expectations. No surprise that I worry enthusiasm in the PC industry is going to die. I worry that THG, and sites like THG, are not doing enough to prepare for a future where overclocking and case modding are quaint pastimes, and best of class performance is a decadent folly. Technology, and its wholesale impact on our lives, should not be confused with the PC industry. I am not saying technology has seen its better days. I am saying the PC industry has. I don't know what we can do about it, but we should try to do more. It would be better if we all tried to do more. I don't believe enough people in tech publishing are doing enough. I don't know why I have to really care about one AMD CPU over one Intel CPU when there are bigger issues to address. Those people who do are marring progress. They're the New Luddites. A friend of mine sells MIS applications. He walks into a company to pitch a sale worth $750,000 for his software alone. He goes in with a guy who is providing the hardware, about $6 million worth. The man making the purchasing decision at this company sits through 2 hours of a presentation of which only 15 minutes is taken up by the hardware guy. My friend is a little perplexed, and the company decision maker turns around and says, "He's just selling tin." We have many choices at this time, you and I: we can bury our heads in the sand and pretend things will get better again: sometime, somehow. We can try and come up with ways of making things better, no matter how tough that may be. We can say, to hell with it, and retreat into our own safe communities, and throw rocks at anyone who doesn't leave us to graze peacefully in our corner of the field. It is not our job to appease readers. It is not our job to avoid conflict. It is not our job to avoid debate. It is not our job to court love letters from our readers. It is our job to say it as we see it, and suffer the consequences. It is our job to stand up for ourselves. It is our job to do the best we can. It is our job to go for it, and fail trying. But we never stop trying. Your job is to enjoy the process. I can't see why you'd read something that you can't get into. Be it a review, or an Op Ed piece, or even a rant. If you don't enjoy the read then, don't read. I really, truly hope that helps some people get off their sanctimonious high-horses. If you want safe, warm, and fuzzy feelings wrapped up in easily digestible homilies, watch Oprah. My attacks on ExtremeTech were unorthodox, but I have my reasons. Do I think Ziff Davis is the big bad wolf? They betrayed the faith and support of this organization in a way that is unforgiveable. Do I take the Ziff Davis situation personally? Yes, because I was the person who went to bat for them, and made the decision to partner with them. I believe that sites like THG have changed the way technology is reported, for the better. Some people would rather see that spirit destroyed. I don't get it, and I do resent it. Ziff Davis is my fight. You don't like it, don't read about it. You like to lie down and have someone jump on you with stiletto heels? That's your thing. Do whatever turns you on. Ziff Davis is my fight. Leave it at that. I don't believe that fanatics can be trusted. Fanboys are fanatics. I never could get through The Lord of the Rings. Apparently many people can. I believe that the very programmability that makes modern day GPUs so exciting is also what makes it impossible to separate one from another in terms of features and performance. It'll be a few years before we really understand the implications and impact of the programmable 3D graphics pipeline. Therefore, graphics benchmarks will be debated for the next 18 months, to no avail, and become the battleground for internecine battles between commentators. The Web killed meaningful product launches. There's too much control by companies, too much manipulation by PR folk, and too many sites vying to get a scoop to make it anything but a race to get a story posted. What are you going to do about it? Oh, yeah, feel like the first past the post is somehow making a difference. Wrong. We're all suckers, and the only winners are in PR. I actually think very highly of Nick Stam at ExtremeTech, but then again, I like most male pattern baldness compadres. There's a lot of love in me, really. I have never seen so many good people be out of jobs for so long in the PC business. The last thing to go is hope, and in some places, there ain't much of that left around. Why aren't we more distressed by that, or more angry, or more concerned? I believe that everyone should have one true identifying email address. None of this free email crap. Just you, as you are. I'd love to see what people would really write if they had to back it up with their real identities. If you want to play a part in a fantasy then, you always have AOL chat rooms. Venture Capital is not going to flow into PC-centric businesses. Recession or no recession. War or no war. The big payoff isn't there anymore. The PC industry is just another industry. Does familiarity breed contempt? Too many guys going through college today know too much, or think they know too much, about PCs. Where's the impetus to drive them to innovate in the personal computing world? In my college days the PC was still an engineering project with possibilities. What more is possible on the desktop? Mobility, perhaps. I write about what I think, or believe in. I don't write to stir up controversy. If I wanted to be controversial I would have my own right wing chat show on Fox News, and get paid handsomely for it. I have yet to meet a person who can accurately tell me what's going to happen in the future. Yes, it is true. I am a 57 year old housewife who can trace her ancestry back to deposed Albanian royalty. One day I hope to open up my own pet grooming business and restore my family to the throne.
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