Rdio Drops Price of Family Plan to Match Spotify

Rdio has announced that it is dropping the price of its Family Plan for group streaming subscriptions. The company has had five-account plans for families (or groups of friends, theoretically) for roughly three years. However, this new pricing brings the cost of the first sub account in line with the second, third, and fourth sub accounts.

"Our Family Plan provides each family member access to more than 30 million songs with individual control over music collection, You FM, stations, playlists and other great features," Rdio said in a statement today, later adding, "We’ll be rolling out the new pricing across the globe starting today, just in time for the holiday season."

The new pricing charges £15 for the first and second accounts combined (so the full £10 for the first account but only £5 for the additional account). The third, fourth, and fifth accounts are also only £5 more. This puts Rdio’s group pricing in line with Spotify’s newly announced share plans.

Rdio has applications on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone as well as desktop.