Razer's Turret Lapboard Now Available For $159.99

After more than a year since its initial reveal, Razer’s Turret is finally available for purchase. The peripheral is supposed to bring the PC gaming experience to the living room with a keyboard and mouse combination that sits on your lap.

The keyboard features chiclet-style keys and 10KRO. It also includes dedicated Android buttons and a 1,500 mAh Li-Po battery, which Razer claimed gives it about four months of battery life. However, that can change based on how much you use it every day.

As for the mouse, it has a 3,500 DPI sensor and a 1,000 mAh Li-Po battery. Razer estimates a battery life of 40 hours. The mouse is also slightly magnetized at the bottom so that it doesn’t slip off the mousepad. Speaking of the mousepad, it attaches to the right of the keyboard with pin locks and a hinge system. Even though the mouse is ambidextrous, it seems that the mousepad work only on the right side of the keyboard.

The entire thing can connect to a PC via the included 2.4 GHz adapter, but you can also connect it to a console through Bluetooth LE.

However, it should be noted that Razer isn't the only one in this lapboard market. At CES this year, we finally had some time to play with Corsair's Lapdog, the companion to its Bulldog living room PC. Corsair's variant featured a mechanical keyboard and a larger mousepad. It's also quite expensive at $199, but you could buy the Lapdog chassis without the peripherals for $89. Compare that to the Turret, which had an original price of $129.99 when we saw the first prototype at CES 2015; the latest version is slightly more expensive, so you’ll have to fork over $159.99 to get it.

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  • DrakeFS
    Sierously, all these "lapboards" fail compared to a Logitech K400. If you are gaming from you couch, you are using a controller, least I do.

    There is no way this setup is worth $160.
  • Pedasc
    I just put my wireless keyboard and mouse on an old drafting board I have from university on a cushion. That seems to well enough for me. I'd consider something like this but the performance would have to match the price and and I'm not giving up my keypad.
  • nycalex
    is the keyboard mechanical at least?

    really getting funny with these "GAMING" peripherals from the likes of razer, corsair and logitech.
    i guess they keep releasing since there are plenty of people buying.
    Marketing at it's finest.
    and this includes the much loved g710 and g502 from logitech, both over-priced to hell for what they are. just cheap plastic