Razer Project Christine: Thinking Outside the Box

Razer's Project Christine is one of the most interesting things from CES 2014. Razer has designed a PC system called Project Christine that removes all the mystery and technical challenges of customizing and building your own PC. Many of the modular parts of a PC are encased in a user-friendly – and liquid cooled – black plastic housing. Rather than building a PC using screwed-in parts on a motherboard set inside a case, people can build a PC simply by slotting in parts.

We recognize that readers of Tom's Hardware have the skills and knowledge to put together computers from the most complicated of parts, but the overwhelming majority of consumers select their computers from big box electronic stores and rely on an in-house squad of geeks for their service and upgrades. Razer's Project Christine would give the power of choice and customization to the consumer. 

Who knows, once a Project Christine owner experiences the joys of customizing and upgrading PC parts, they will join the Tom's Hardware community.

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  • vincenz0
    it looks 5 feet tall! I wouldnt know anything about PC and I would still know something wrong !
  • edogawa
    Don't know about this...the only thing I like about it is the display on the front. This will be for those who are not willing to learn about computers and have disposable income; what sane person would buy this otherwise?
  • lancelot123
    I'd buy this if the cost was reasonable. Especially if the mentioned subscription fee had a good price. The only reason I build my own is because it is cheaper. Unless they can bring the cost to a reasonable amount, I'd stick to making my own.I see the benefit for non-tech people though. I like that they are at least thinking outside the box and throwing ideas out there.