Razer's New Adaro Headphones are Made for Music

Last week Razer reported that it has launched a new headphones series called Adaro. This new lineup will initially feature four models focused on delivering high quality music listening as well as durability and comfort.

"The Razer Adaro series marks the company's latest venture into the personal entertainment audio space. The Razer Kraken and Electra, two of Razer's best-selling headphones, were tuned for music, as well as gaming," reads the company's press release.

The initial four models include analog DJ-style headphones ($199.99), Bluetooth headphones ($149.99), analog stereo headphones ($99.99), and in-ear bass-focused earphones ($79.99). All four can be pre-purchased now, with worldwide shipments expected to launch next month.

According to Razer, the Razer Adaro DJ was crafted with producers, performers and discerning music listeners in mind. Features include high-performance 50 mm dynamic drivers, a closed ear cup design for optimal sound isolation, a swappable cable system with included coiled and straight cables, and a fully adjustable and foldable architecture. These headphones are compatible with iPhone, Android and other mobile devices.

Next in line is the Razer Adaro Wireless that uses Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX technology for wirelessly connecting to any Bluetooth device. The company promises CD-quality audio streaming over Bluetooth, up to 20 hours of playback, and custom-tuned 40 mm dynamic drivers. Other features include a comfortable, lightweight form factor, plush leatherette ear cushions, and playback/volume controls.

Next are the Razer Adaro Stereo analog headphones designed for "uncompromising audio, long-lasting comfort and robust portability." Like the Bluetooth model, the Stereo headphones have custom-tuned 40 mm dynamic drivers, plush leatherette ear cushions, and a fully adjustable architecture. However, this model sports an anti-tangle, braided fiber cable, and is compatible with most devices.

Finally, we have the Razer Adaro In-Ear analog earphones that are precision-milled out of aircraft grade aluminum and finished with diamond-cut edges. These earphones include high-performance 10 mm dynamic drivers, a flat, anti-tangle cable and an included carrying case. Interchangeable ear tips in three sizes and bi-flange attachments are included to personalize the fit.

For more information about each pair of headphones, head over to the Adaro website here.

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  • BulkZerker
    I'll give Razer credit where its due. They've successfully created a reality distortion field.
  • rantoc
    And i would not be surprised you need to install the Synapse garbage... Razor lost me as a customer since the mices ect need that garbage rather than regular drivers.... Register on a cloud service just to use a mouse fully... what have the world gone to ?
  • vittau
    Only a misinformed customer would favor Razer headphones instead of brands like Sennheiser, AKG or Beyerdynamic for music listening. People should do more research before buying products...