Raspberry Pi Opens Its First Retail Store

Credit: Raspberry Pi/TwitterCredit: Raspberry Pi/TwitterApple is getting some competition in the 'tech stores named after fruit' market. Raspberry Pi opened its first retail store today, planting its flag in Cambridge, England, where it plans to sell a variety of devices and peripherals.

Many people have already fallen in love with Raspberry Pi's diminutive computers. They're perfect for tinkering because they're relatively cheap, surprisingly powerful and small enough to be stored pretty much anywhere you could fit an Altoids tin.

But for people who haven't already become smitten with the Raspberry Pi, the point can be hard to grasp (we wouldn't be surprised if many people thought the brand was missing an "e" at the end). Maybe seeing a device in person could change that.

Enter the new store. The BBC reported that Raspberry Pi established the "experimental space" because it wanted to reach out to folks "curious" about the brand. At least for now this is a proof of concept, not a new chapter in Raspberry Pi's life.

The store will also have a new starter kit outfitted with a Raspberry Pi, keyboard and mouse to make it easier for people to start programming for the device. It's not clear what model of Raspberry Pi will come with this bundle or what it costs.

Raspberry Pi has also promised unique products that will only be available in the store, with images depicting mugs and what looks like a small pillow, but details about those products weren't provided either. You'll have to visit the store to see.

If you live near Cambridge and want to visit the Raspberry Pi store you can find the hours of operation, location and directions on its web page.