Raspberry Pi 4 AMA with Raspberry Pi Inventor Eben Upton

Credit: Shutterstock/Raspberry Pi FoundationCredit: Shutterstock/Raspberry Pi Foundation

Starting at noon Tuesday, June 25th through Thursday, June 27th the Tom's Hardware Community Team will host Eben Upton, founder and CEO of the Raspberry Pi Organization, in a community wide AMA. Have a question about Raspberry Pi 4 or another Pi? Now’s your chance to directly speak with the chief hardware and software architect of the low-cost computer. Log into the forums to join the discussion and learn about the future of Raspberry Pi and single board computing.

Eben Upton, Founder and CEO of Raspberry Pi

Eben Upton created the Raspberry Pi single board computer to help children learn about computer programming and inspire a new generation of engineering talent. He takes direct inspiration from Acorn’s BBC Micro computer, which helped students and hobbyists learn about computers in the 1980s.

This thread will be unlocked, open and live for 48 hours starting at 12:00pm ET on Tuesday. Questions will be moderated and supervised by Tom's Hardware Community Manager, Joshua Simenhoff, as well as a full team of moderators.

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If you're hungry for even more details on the Raspberry Pi 4, you can see it in action for yourself. Tom's Hardware editor-in-chief Avram Piltch tested and reviewed the new mini-computer, and he'll be showing readers its new features and capabilities live on YouTube. Join us Wednesday at 3pm to see exactly what the new mini-computer can do.

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