Overclocking: Asus Rampage IV Extreme Versus EVGA X79 FTW

Rampage IV Extreme Firmware Overclocking

The Rampage IV Extreme OC Tweaker menu gets slightly expanded from the already well-populated versions of Asus’ other high-end boards, including four built-in overclocking profiles at 4.375, 4.70, and 4.985 GHz. Additional screenshots are available in our photo album by clicking on any of the below images.

The voltage levels for “Extreme” profiles are a little too aggressive for our tastes, since we prefer our processors to survive though several of these experiments. Yet, rather than chose our traditional long-term-safety levels, we stepped up our game to a marginally-safe 1.45 V.

Our maximum stable overclock was 4.86 GHz, using a 101.3 MHz base clock and 48x multiplier. Our target 1.45 V core came at the Rampage IV Extreme’s 1.40 V setting.

CPU ratio control and power safety limits are found under the CPU Performance Settings submenu. Asus states that Auto is optimal for most users, and we experienced no restarts when using it.

Per-channel timing controls lead to an extra-long DRAM timing control menu. Our memory’s XMP register made configuration simple.

The DIGI+ Power Control offers droop control (among other things) in the form of the CPU Load-line Calibration function. We found that the High setting kept our CPU core very close to its original voltage level under a variety of test conditions.

Various additional signal controls are found under the Rampage IV Extreme’s CPU, Memory, Chipset, and VGA Tweaker’s Paradise submenus.

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