Asus And DFI: Core i7 Micro-ATX Motherboards Compared

Benchmark Results: 3D Games

The Rampage II Gene bursts from the gate in CoD:WaW, with performance that tops even full-ATX solutions. DFI lags slightly behind the full-sized P6T, but this could be due to less-aggressive use of Intel Turbo mode.

The Rampage II Gene wins again at Crysis High-Details, but turning up the eye-candy even more puts the full-sized P6T on top.

The tiny Rampage II Gene tears through FarCry 2.

World in Conflict favors the full-sized P6T, our reference platform for 2009.

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  • snow cakes
    DFI tends to screw me over the past two times my Lanparty motherboards kept locking up at random times during computer ussage. If I had to buy a new motherboard I would look at the Asus over the DFI.