Rallycross Comes To 'Project Cars 2'

Slightly Mad Studios revealed Project Cars 2 in February, but it didn’t provide much in terms of what fans could expect in terms of new content. That changed today as the studio released a new trailer that featured a new racing mode — Rallycross.

Rallycross - Project Cars 2

Unlike traditional motorsport races, rallycross utilizes both tarmac and off-road terrain as part of a looped track. This will highlight LiveTrack 3.0, which is one of the game’s systems that is supposed to accurately mimic a vehicle’s change from one type of terrain to another. You’ll have to make sure that your vehicle of choice is able to perform on both track types in order to get ahead of the competition. Due to the race’s chaotic nature, you’ll see many cars drifting corners or sometimes bumping into other vehicles in an attempt to get first place.

The trailer also features some of the new cars specifically customized for rallycross. This includes modern vehicles such as the Volkswagen Polo RX, the Honda Civic Coupe, and older models like the Ford Escort RS 1600.

An official release date for the game isn’t announced yet, but it’s expected to drop sometime late this year. The game will also support virtual reality HMDs, although specifics weren’t provided. In addition, the game will also support up to 12K resolution (11,520 x 2,160), or three 4K screens next to each other.

NameProject Cars 2
TypeRacing, Simulation
DeveloperSlightly Mad Studios
PublisherBandai Namco
PlatformsPC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Where To BuyN/A
Release DateLate 2017
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