Raijintek Metis Plus Mini ITX Case Review

Raijintek finally made it to the US market, bringing along its entire line of products. The company sent us a handful of products to test including its new Metis Plus, a compact, anodized aluminum case with a budget friendly price tag. At just $65, the Metis Plus is available in several bright colors including blue, red, green, gold, and silver. If bright colors aren’t your thing, it’s also available in the more minimalist friendly colors of black and white.


If the Metis Plus looks familiar, it’s because it’s just an upgraded version of the original, and still available, Metis from years past.

Upgrades over the original version include an added 120mm fan mount/vent up top, a color-matched LED fan at the rear, and handful of new hard drive mounting options inside. One notable downgrade however is that unlike the original Metis, the Metis Plus doesn't allow the option of ordering a vented aluminum side panel in place of the acrylic window.

The Metis Plus isn’t breaking any new ground when it comes to front I/O options, featuring the standard pair of USB 3.0 and HD audio ports. Below these ports sits a plastic power button, ringed with a power/hard drive activity light.

Just like its predecessor, the Metis Plus flips the motherboard tray putting the expansion slots on top. Raijintek also relocated a PS/2 form-factor power supply mount to the front of the case, leaving behind a power extension in its place.

Taking a peek inside the Metis Plus, we find the 120mm fan we mentioned earlier mounted to the back of the case. This same mount is also capable of supporting a 120mm radiator, although due to space constraints some radiators might be too tall to fit inside the case. The bottom of the case beneath the fan mount is capable of having two 2.5” hard drives or a single 3.5” hard drive mounted, depending on your needs.

On the front of the case, there’s another mount for a 2.5” drive on the backside of the motherboard tray. Also present is the case’s PS/2 power supply mount and extension cable.

If room to fit up to three 2.5” drives wasn’t enough, the Metis Plus has a fourth drive mount attached to the top of the case, which provides the capability of simultaneously mounting a single 2.5” drive underneath and a single 3.5” drive inside. This final mount increases the case’s total storage capacity to four 2.5” drives and a single 3.5” drive, or two 2.5” drives and two 3.5” drives.

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