Radiohead announces competition for Nude Remix

Many of us thought that Radiohead had come down from their digital distribution kick. With announcements of similar ventures by bands like Nine Inch Nails and Oasis it had been a while since we had head anything about Radiohead.

We thought the internet would just write this one off as a finished chapter. Score 1 for Radiohead for starting a pretty nifty trend ; back to the studio lads.

We couldn’t have been more wrong. Radiohead haven’t quite finished with us yet. The band has announced that they will be giving fans the chance to remix one of the tracks from their latest album.

Radiohead has split the second track, Nude, from recently released In Rainbows, into five separate parts. Fans can buy the different parts on iTunes and then remix them using Garageband or Logic.

Once you’re done wreckmixing Nude, you can upload it onto and let your fellow fans do the rest, because it wouldn’t be Radiohead if they didn’t let fans decide. Fans always decide something, right ?

Visit to cast your vote on which mix you reckon is best.

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  • MKeeper
    It's nice to see a group giving something back to the fans ... after they've made multi-million $$ on sales over the past 10+ years ...

    I guess it would be nice to ask a new artist to do the same .. but the chances are no-one would care because musicians won't get famous without going the traditional route.