Radiohead's Thom York paid nothing for own album

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em ! Or rather, lead them.

Thom Yorke admitted recently that he was one of the people who paid nothing for the band’s latest album.

He also made the rather valid point of “What’s the point ? It’d be like moving money from one pocket to the other”.

A recent (and disputed) report showed that 3 in 5 people didn’t pay anything at all for the album.

Radiohead insists these figures are poppycock but has yet to release their own “accurate” figures.

The lead singer also said that no one held a master copy of the album because “every record the band has done has been leaked, so why not leak the bloody thing yourself ?” with the guitarist adding he didn’t even tell his wife they were planning on releasing it the way they did.

The band will release the album on hard copy on New Year’s Eve.

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