Radio Shack to Sell True 'Universal Remote'

Radio Shack Corporation has agreed to retail a new universal remote control known as "Kameleon" that is capable of controlling a room of electronics devices. The remote control is manufactured by Universal Electronics, Inc., the owner of a database of approximately 130,000 codes for remote devices. Cable and satellite TV providers often provide these remote controls free to their customers. Kameleon's technology offers buttons in its remote that are based on the images of the devices being controlled, and are thus easily interchangeable. Kameleon also offers the tactile sense of a real "button" on its remote with the virtual image display.

Universal also holds the proprietary rights to software known as "Nevo," and has licensed it to Hewlett-Packard for use on HP's hand held computer. Nevo is capable of controlling more than 1,500 brands of electronics, with an interchangeable display that is determined according to the device being controlled, i.e., a stereo, DVD player, or other electronic device.

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