AMD Radeon HD 6670 And 6570: Turkeys Or Turkish Delights?

Benchmark Results: Just Cause 2

Let’s see if Just Cause 2’s demanding graphics engine delivers a unique challenge in this competition:

Apparently not—the relative results are similar to the ones we’ve seen in all of the previous metrics.

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  • Zingam
    At a time where most monitors are 1920x1080 putting on top any benchmarks below that resolution is pointless.

    So 30 fps at that resolution in Crysis 2 - not too bad but for me these cards are worthless for any gaming at all. They do not deserve even to be benchmarked and AMD isn't that great in general 2D applications as well.

    I think it is time when GPU designers should think of how to improve and support 1920x1080 as a minimum resolutions. And not just GPU designers but also game developers and OS developers.

    Yeah, some notebooks have lower resolutions but these parts are not notebook parts anyway.

    In the age of CRTs such benchmarks made sense but currently using non-native resolutions on a LCD is ... you know what it is!
  • Solitaire
    Assuming that every panel ever made has a native res of 1080p... you know what it is! :p

    For cheapo 780p+ (1366*768) and 19" panels (1600*900) these cards are very strong budget performers that require sweet f-all juice to run. And even for 1080p HTPC use they're just the ticket for playing older or less demanding games. So please get off the "Y U NO HD7990??!?" high horse...
  • FC360
    Why is the 5770 listed under test setup but isn't listed anywhere else?