Quantum's StorNext 3.0

Data management is more than knowing where you left that CD-R. For networks, it’s a lot more complicated, but Quantum thinks it can help.

Quantum Corp. just introduced StorNext 3.0 data management software. With this newest generation of Quantum’s StorNext solution, the company has extended resilient data sharing to servers on the LAN and integrates Quantum’s patented data de-duplication technology to reduce data retention costs even further. In addition, it enables customers to expand storage capacity and replace storage devices while keeping the system online.

StorNext 3.0 provides users with a distributed LAN Client that enables applications on the LAN to access a shared pool of storage faster, and with a higher level of resiliency. Using clustered gateways for access and an optimized communication protocol for performance, LAN Client extends data sharing and delivers enterprise features such as load balancing and transparent I/O failover.

Data Reduction Storage is a specialized tier of disk that uses data de-duplication to reduce a customer’s data footprint, saving money by lowering capacity requirements and enabling data to be retained on fast recovery disk for a much longer period of time.

Quantum says that Dynamic Resource Allocation increases uptime by enabling online service operations and allows customers to scale their storage, adding new storage capacity or transparently swapping out disk arrays during hardware upgrades, while the system is active.

Quantum plans to begin shipping StorNext 3.0 in the second calendar quarter of 2007.

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