Qualia: Sony launches high-end electronics line

New York (NY) - Sony introduced a premium-brand to its product family. Qualia stands for super-expensive consumer electronics devices, which aim to convince customers through unique engineering and design features.

If you are the type of consumer who rather drives a Lexus than a Toyota, then you are probably a target buyer of Sony’s new premium brand Qualia . The company originally launched the product line in Japan in June last year and now has extended it to the US.

The initial line-up of Qualia products includes the Qualia 016 digital still camera, the Qualia 017 MiniDisc player, and the Qualia 010 headphone set. Although Sony claims that especially this headphone set will create a new standard in audio reproduction, be ready to shell out mega-bucks for it : Qualia headphones carry a list price of $2600. The digital camera 016 will sell for $3900, the MiniDiscPlayer is yours for $1900.

These models complement the previously announced QUALIA 004 SXRD projector, which is the industry’s first full high definition home theater front projector, according to Sony. The 004 will sell for $30,000.

All Qualia products, which are subject to a rigorous approval process by Sony’s top management, are a result of cutting edge engineering without any constraints, the company said.

"As consumers become more discriminating in their purchasing decisions, Sony is in a unique position to set itself apart with products that will touch the user like never before," said Mike Fasulo, senior vice president of Sony Electronics eSolutions Company, which oversees the Qualia US launch. "The Qualia initiative enables us to offer an uncompromised approach to product engineering, design and customer experience."

Sony sells its Qualia products by phone and through the firm’s Cierge shopping service. The company also announced plans to open a Qualia store in New York City this summer.

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