Qualcomm's Restraining Order for 'Smartbook'

Digitimes reports that Qualcomm has been hit with a restraining order in Germany for using the product name "Smartbook." The restraining order stems from a company called Smartbook AG. Granted by a Cologne District Court, Qualcomm faces a €250,000 fine or arrest for contempt if it refuses to comply.

Dirk Pick, CEO of Smartbook AG said the company considered Qualcomm's use of the term Smartbook an "absurd but at the same time bold attack against our brand name."

Pick continued on to say it was Qualcomm that forced the company to implement defensive measures.

The story echoes a similar suit involving Intel and Psion. The latter insisted it owned the trademark on 'netbook' as it had registered the name with the trademark office when it originally released its "Netbook Pro" handheld computer back in the 1990s. The two companies came to an agreement and settled their differences out of court in early June.

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