Quakecon 2002 Day 3: Wrap Up - What A Great Event It Was!

The article first appeared in Tom's Hard News Email Newsletter

As the lights go down on a little town in Texas, we are already on our way home. By the time you read this, Quakecon will be over. We wanted to wrap up the event and share with you some thoughts and additional information, as well as some pictures that we took at the event. By the time it was all said and done, we shot more than 300 pictures, and we wanted you to see what we consider really unique images; you won't see them anywhere else on the Internet.

Quakecon 2002 was an event that was a lot of fun, and it also offered some surprises. From the matches to the party on Saturday night, we had an incredibly good time. I would even say that this is now one of my favorite events to cover. It is also one of the fastest growing events, in terms of both attendance and popularity.

From dusk til dawn, the people in the BYOC area play and play. This was their first year at Quakecon, and they filled every spot in the BYOC area, and then some. In fact, they had to put signs on the door advising that they had no more room for any additional systems. Quakecon was so successful that they had to turn people away. We were told that they could have filled another 1,000 spaces in the BYOC if there was more room.

It would not be right if we didn't give credit to all the volunteer staff at Quakecon. It is hard to believe how hard these folks work to put on this event. With an event like this that runs 24 hours a day for four days, it requires the resources of almost 1,000 people to get it done. Volunteers do everything from bag and equipment checks, LAN administration, attendee registration, and, of course, provide security. These people give 150% effort from the time that they arrive in Texas for Quakecon right up until the time they leave. It is not an easy job, but, as many of the volunteers told me, it is their pleasure to help with this event, and they enjoy being able to be part of the team that makes this event a success.

THG says a big "thanks" to Evil John and Tapper for putting up with our numerous requests over the four days of Quakecon. No matter what we needed, whether it was access to someone, or a network connection outside the firewall to FTP our finished story to our servers at 4 A.M., these two guys stepped up and made it happen. They also made sure that THG felt at home at Quakecon, taking good care of us the whole time. Getting the stories sent to THG for posting can be very challenging when covering stories on the road, and they helped make it a little easier.