A Home NAS Device Packed With Features

QNAP or "Quality Network Appliance Provider" whom is known for its vast selection of Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems has announced the launch of two new products – TS-119 and TS-219.

The two new NAS products from QNAP are both classified as Desktop NAS Appliances aimed mostly at home or home-office consumers that require the functionality of network attached storage on a smaller scale to fit their needs, and at an affordable price compared to larger enterprise solutions.

Each unit, TS-119 (Single Bay) and TS-219 (Dual Bay) device runs an embedded linux-based operating system powered by a Marvell 6281 1.2GHz processor and 512MB DDR2 memory. The embedded operating system supports file sharing and centralized management across all major platforms including Windows, MAC and Linux/Unix. NAS administration is performed in the expected fashion via any Web Browser. Both devices run “Turbo NAS” firmware v3.0 which provides an AJAX-based web management interface which is similar to the Apple Cover-flow interface.

Both devices have front and rear USB 2.0 ports, external Serial ATA (eSATA) port for chaining additional devices and a Gigabit Ethernet interface. The TS-119 currently supports up to a 2 terabyte (TB) hard drive, while the two-bay TS-219 supports two hot-swappable drives up to a combined storage capacity of 4 terabytes.

Some interesting features of the TS-119 and TS-219 are the inclusion of phpMyAdmin, Joomla!, SQLite, MySQL, UPnP Media Server, iTunes Server on top of the expected and common features of built in Print Server (supports network printer sharing via USB port), Remote Replication, Backup Server, FTP Server and the very handy Download Station feature which supports BitTorrent, FTP and HTTP Download. One other very interesting feature is the Surveillance Station – a feature that essentially allows either device to be connected to up to two IP based cameras for network surveillance and save recordings to the device.

Basically what we are looking at here is a device that go far, far beyond conventional NAS features. As a matter of fact, these two new devices are extreme multi-purpose devices that can do nearly anything that requires storage. For a complete list of features supported by both devices, please see the following links below for specifications and a complete high-resolution image gallery with many good images.

TS-119 Specifications
TS-219 Specifications
TS-119 & TS-219 Image Gallery

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