[DONE] FSP In CES 2019

CES is well underway now, and for the first time ever, one of the largest PSU OEM companies out there, FSP is attending the show. There's a number of intriguing products on display at the FSP both, including a 2000W monster power supply, originally intended for cryptocurrency mining, along with a fresh new product the HPT850M and a new SFX platform as well.

That 2000W PSU, also known as the Cannon is already available at $400, however buyers be warned it's only capable of delivering the advertised 2kW spec with a 200-240V input. At 115V it's artificially restricted to 1500W total, and at 100V that ceiling is further lowered to 1200W. A hefty capacity regardless, but well worth noting.

The HPT850M is the smaller, and far more affordable variant of the 1200W liquid cooled PSU (the Hydro PTM+ 1200), FSP released last year. Like, it's older sibling, the HPT850M, utilizes that liquid-cooling in a near identical way, only using it to allow for an overall increase in power output. Otherwise you're once again limited, thanks to the smaller HDB, top-mounted cooling fan. On top of that, the HTP850M has 30mm less depth than the HP1200M, reaching a total 170mm total, comes with an 80 PLUS Platinum rating, and is also ETA-A certified. It's also been co-developed with help from Bitspower, to ensure the liquid-cooling portion of it is watertight. You can find this unit's full evaluation report, by Cybenetics, here.

Max. PowerAmps202070.832.50.3
Total Max. Power (W)850

Above you can take a look at the power specs of the HPT850M, soon enough we can get a unit in for review and give you all a lot more info on this product.

Then there's the Dagger II Pro. This new PSU uses FSP's latest SFX platform, which takes advantage of an Active Clamp Reset Forward (ACRF) topology. We asked FSP if this is the same platform used in the new EVGA GM models, however we've been informed that isn't the case. Apparently EVGA is using another FSP platform, also including ACRF topology, while the Dagger II Pro was developed by an entirely different engineering team,

Max. PowerAmps2020452.50.3
Total Max. Power (W)550

The new Daggers will come in two variants, with 650W and 550W capacities available. Both are 80 PLUS Gold certified, however we're still waiting on the Cybenetics evaluation. Hopefully we should see these sometime in the next few months, let's hope the higher capacity model comes with four PCIe connectors instead of the usual two.

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