PS4 Follows Xbox One with Unofficial Price Drop in UK

Sony's PS4 is already the cheaper of the next-generation consoles, but it looks like Sony's new baby just got a little more affordable in the United Kingdom. The console has gotten its first price cut in the United Kingdom thanks to retailer GameStop. This is an unofficial price drop, likely an attempt to attract the attention of those who were already going to buy a PS4, but we're hoping it'll start something of a trend and that other retailers will jump on the band wagon sooner rather than later.


The price cut brings the price of the PS4 down by £20, to £330. The Xbox One enjoyed a similar price cut at Zavvi late last month, and this has since been matched by GameStop. GameStop is now selling both the PS4 and Xbox One for £20 less than launch price. Zavvi is still charging the full RRP of £349 for the PS4, while the Xbox One has retained its new, lower price point.

The Xbox One and PS4 both launched in November with the Xbox One costing £80 more. Because the Xbox One is so expensive by comparison, many people have pushed for a cheaper version without Microsoft's Kinect sensor. Microsoft remains adamant that it won't ship the Xbox One without Kinect, but it looks like competition between various high street retailers will bring the price down a little.

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  • Damon Palovaara
    Watch out Microsoft, Sony has been working out
  • edogawa
    Microsoft lost this game.
  • ferooxidan
    To all of you saying that XB1 is garbage, XB1 is no better than PS4, XB1 is a failed product, etc. Well, eventhough all the fact that it is underpowered and more expensive, it is still fun and enjoyable playing in XB1. Microsoft did it right, Kinect is better than the previous X360, the atmosphere of using XB1 is enjoyable, its exclusive titles have no comparison, and eventho some games can't run at 60fps in 1080p, the game still enjoyable. You guys realize that all I have talking about is bullshit right? PS4 FTW!!!!!!!!